Placements that pop.

Reaching priority audiences through hyper-local media is a smart strategy. YMCA volunteers and donors Vince and Pat Foglia were featured on the glossy, four-color cover of a suburban magazine.
To showcase clients, MHC identifies media by industry, lifestyles and more. Here, the lead artist for The 606 was a natural for Forecast Public Art, a highly regarded arts publication.
One of several international publications, this feature in The Guardian was months in the making. The result was a beautiful piece which help make The 606 an international topic.
It’s crucial to be front and center in your industry’s leading news resources. The Illinois Finance Authority and its experts are regularly featured in The Bond Buyer.
MHC raised national awareness of the Y’s Urban Warriors program by coordinating this AP story by Sharon Cohen. It ran in a dozen U.S. newspapers, leading to volunteering inquiries from veterans.
Fundraisers bring out the “Who’s Who,” and the relationships MHC has fostered with society and niche publications work. Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago donors’ generosity was recognized at the 2014 Summer Lawn Ball.