Nelly Viramontes



As Junior Consultant, Nelly Viramontes touches every project in the MHC office, keeping our team organized and on task, and making sure clients have what they need, when they need it. Prior to joining the MHC team, she worked for 17 years as the Administrative Manager and Intern Coordinator for the non-profit, political watchdog group, the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform. She began her work in politics at the League of Women Voters of Illinois as a data entry assistant and went on to become the organization’s administrative manager and executive assistant.

Born and raised in the city of Chicago, Nelly is a newsie who tracks key issues that impact our city and our clients. You’re as likely to find her through Snapchat or Instagram as watching a TV news show. Active in local politics, Nelly is also a founder and, now, honorary board member of the Jalisco Federation of Midwest Clubs, helping unite families from her father’s home state of Jalisco, Mexico. The organization helps members find jobs here in Chicago but also supports families in Mexico with nutrition and health care services. Nelly she went on to form a second club “Mezquiticenses en Chicago” for families who trace their heritage to the Jalisco town of Mezquitic. She has served on the board of directors since its founding in 1996.