John Kupper has spent nearly 30 years developing winning messages and press strategies for political candidates and officeholders across the nation. Kupper was on the ground floor of President Barack Obama’s political rise, serving as a message and advertising consultant in both his 2004 U.S. Senate and 2008 Presidential campaigns. Kupper helped edit Obama’s 2004 Democratic Convention keynote speech that rocketed Obama to political stardom, and is acknowledged for his assistance in Obama’s 2007 bestseller, The Audacity of Hope.
Kupper was the lead message strategist behind Rahm Emanuel’s 2011 campaign for Mayor of Chicago, and continues to advise the Mayor on a daily basis.
His campaign skills translate to a competitive edge for clients outside the political realm. He’s an expert in free media placement, with media relationships in the Chicago market, as well as the strong news sense that helps develop the right story for the right media outlet. His skills in rapid response help clients avert potential crises and make the most of positive opportunities within a news cycle. He’s put those skills to work in the Chicago market for such clients as Exelon/ComEd, SBC Communications and AT&T.
As a name partner in AKP Media and Message, David Axelrod’s political consulting firm, Kupper served as a strategist and message consultant in Richard M. Daley’s successful 1989 campaign for Mayor of Chicago and each subsequent re-election campaign.